Intelligent Imaging Inc. has completed the design, development and prototyping of a scalable modular solution for surveillance. IRIS, an Integrated Remote Imaging System, is a fully integrated long-range imaging system which can consist of multiple sensors networked together to provide a total solution for almost any specific security/surveillance or need. The major IRIS components are:

OI2 Module (Optical Image Intensification Module)

This module contains the day/night imaging sensor array, optical elements, opto-mechanical assemblies (i.e. motorized focus, motorized zoom, etc.), and any other auxiliary sensors. OI2 Modules are available in several detector and optical configurations for various range and night capabilities, depending on the application/needs. OI2 modules have been demonstrated which can perform facial recognition or resolve an automobile license plate 2 miles away, recognize an intruder 5 miles away, and recognize a vehicle type or watercraft up to 10 miles away.

ECM (Electronic Control Module)

This module contains the sophisticated electronics that control all aspects of the surveillance system, as well as other analog and digital devices such as communication systems and an optional GPS module. The Control Pod can be accessed via any broadband internet connection or even wireless communications for up to fifteen (15) miles line-of-site, allowing for remote data access and system control.

PPM (Precision Pointing Module)

The PPM is has been uniquely designed and built by Intelligent Imaging to provide the essential precision motion and repeatability to meet the demands of long range surveillance. Acquiring stable images ten miles away is a unique capability.

AIMS (Advanced Image Management Software)

Object-oriented modular control software that integrates the optics packages, detectors and positioners into a practical and user-friendly interface. This software is capable of image processing, display, image archiving and remote control of IRIS installations. AIMS can be readily expanded or tailored to provide additional features or to meet any user-specific applications or needs.