The challenges of security have changed since 9/11. We look to stay a step ahead every minute of every day. Airports and seaports comprise many components of transportations and critical Infrastructure: airplanes, cargo ships, cruise ships, light and heavy rail, bridges and buildings to name a few. From supply chain security which starts at origin to destination to transporting people around the world each step requires the integration of security. Security is part of a layered approach with as many as 15 levels. Together as a team each jurisdiction, agency and our countries play a role in security. Airport and seaport police are men and women who are on the frontline. Intelligent Imaging Inc. manufactures a family of Optical Imaging Sensors which provide high resolution images out to very long ranges (>10 km) under any light conditions. The appropriate optical sensors will be selected for each location in order to provide seamless coverage. Intelligent Imaging’s optical imaging sensors are Internet Protocol (IP) addressable so that the video image from any sensor can be selectively viewed from any remote location with internet access. In addition, Intelligent Imaging has sensors in the field which transmit the video via a long range wireless link.