The primary marketing value proposition for Intelligent Imaging, Inc. is to offer to install the ATLAS system at no cost to General Aviation and Regional Airports and share the usage fee operating revenue. General Aviation and Regional Airports are under increasing pressure to develop additional operating revenue streams in order to remain financially solvent and minimize reliance on tax-based financial sources to support operations. While this value proposition remains an accurate one, site visits to General Aviation and Regional Airports has revealed a significant interest in the security-related benefits of the ATLAS system, i.e. the ability for General Aviation and Regional Airports to accurately capture all aircraft activity 24/7 and the ability to have off-site internet streaming access to such activity. This is particularly so for General Aviation and Regional Airports who are in a financially strong position and, thus are not actively seeking additional operating revenue streams. Their motivation is to achieve more control and knowledge over all operational aspects of their airports in order to enhance security and achieve more efficient administratration and control over operations. In addition, the newmobile platform ATLAS-MP, is the first of its kind to employ both wind and solar for its power requirements. This capability allows instant setup or redeployment to any location on the airport property with no infrastructure required due to its wireless characteristics.