ATLAS is an automated aircraft image capture/storage system providing airport management with a precise record of all aircraft take-off activity on a 24/7-365 day/year basis.

ATLAS Practical Applications

FAA 5010 Reports: ATLAS automatically provides all data necessary to prepare FAA 5010 reports in full compliance with FAA standards with 100% accuracy.

Noise Abatement: Verification of aircraft take-off activity in response to citizen complaints.

Billing and Invoicing Platform: ATLAS proprietary software correlates aircraft registration numbers with FAA databases to identify aircraft ownership, aircraft type and weight. ATLAS can be programmed to automatically invoice aircraft owners for established airport usage or access fees.

General Airport Surveillance: The ATLAS platform provides airport management with greatly enhanced surveillance capabilities, including airport surveillance from a remote location through IP addressable technology. The system can also be programmed to respond to wildlife encroachment on runways or generally enhance airport security through ingress control functionality.

Proprietory Image Enhancement Software

As a result of the high definition imaging employed by ATLAS, our image properties are the highest density in the industry. This allows us, through our unique enhancement software, to reveal detail that would otherwise be undetectable. The results are that we have complete and detailed image recognition 24/7.